PurestreamTM Ballast Water Management System

Jacek Marine Engineering is proud to be in partnership with ATLANTIUM MARINE. Installing and servicing the Purestream Ballast Water Management System

PurestreamTM is an advanced UV ballast water management technology that provides effective treatment and unique operational advantages for the treatment of regulated organisms. This non-chemical, environmentally friendly solution is based on a revolutionary 20-micron screen filter and a proprietary medium pressure UV system.

Purestream systems are designed to treat 100 – 1,500 m3 of fresh, brackish, or seawater and they are validated to operate at minimum retention times (≤ 24 hours) following treatment of 100% of the maximum flow under difficult water conditions with UV transmittance as low as 40% UVT.

UV Dose =UVT +Flow +Power +UV Apparatus
automatically and
efficiently maintains
the UV dose required
to meet IMO and USGC
Type Approval.
monitors UVT and
adjusts the UV dose
accordingly to remain
in IMO and USCG
regulatory compliance.
Purestream is designed
for UVT ≥ 40 %UVT.
continuously controls
the flow to provide the
validated UV dose.
continuously monitors
the UV output of each
UV lamp (kW) with a
dedicated sensor, one
per lamp.
Designed by Atlantium
to deliver the needed
dose in the most
efficient way under the
most challenging water

Process Overview

During ballasting, the water flows through the filter and then flows through the Purestream UV system. During de-ballasting, the filter is automatically bypassed and ballast water flows through a second-pass treatment before discharge. There are no retention time limitations for de-ballasting. For the IMO, there is no requirement for water treatment during de-ballasting.

  • Proprietary comprehensive real-time monitoring of critical parameters to automatically and efficiently maintain the minimum UV dose required to meet application-specific needs.
  • An extensive control mechanism that assures operators and authorities about the unit’s functionality.
Features and Benefits
  • Real-time dose monitoring and advanced control system
  • 24-hour retention time validation, (USCG) (0-hour in the process)
  • enables treatment of maximum flow at lowest UVT levels
  • Flexible installation, loose modules
  • Suitable for treatment on all water types and temperatures,
  • Small footprint for filter, UV and CIP skid
  • no salinity or heating requirements
  • No hazardous chemical handling or byproducts
  • One pass treatment (IMO)
Advanced Proven Ballast Filtration
  • Robust Construction — austenitic stainless steel designed for maximum resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion.
  • Self-Cleaning Filtering Process — seawater flows through the filter. The gradual dirt buildup on the surface of the inner screen causes an increase of the pressure differential across the filter. The self-cleaning process begins when the pressure differential reached a pre-set value. Feature automatic, uninterrupted focused flushing that cleans out 100% of the screen area, while using less than 1% of the total processed water.
  • Suction Scanning Solution — a unique multilayer weave-wire floating screen that delivers long-lasting performance, and offers a larger open area compared to other screen technologies.
More details
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