JACEK MARINE ENGINEERING CC can supplies any spare parts or goods required or requested by our customers. No need to worry about transporting of goods as we offer a transportation service for our customers. Our expert team of technicians can service, rewind or overhaul electric motors and, or, supply new motors when needed.


The fitting division specializes in maintenance of main engine generators and engine room machinery. Jacek Marine Engineering is able to manufacture parts and undertake any machining work that is required by the customer.


The steel division is specializes in structural fabrication, both in the maritime and land industry. We also offer renewal of steel sections of cranes, hatch covers, tanks, gangways, etc. Renewal work is completed to the highest standards and specifications set out by our customers.


The pipe division specializes in renewal of piping for seawater, steam, fuel, chemicals, freshwater systems, etc. We manufacture our pipes from steel with rust protection (hot dipped galvanized, corrocoat o epoxy paint), copper, realcarbo and plastic.


The valve division specializes in repairing, overhauling, fitting and removing of all types of valves. We can also supply new valves as backup for both marine and industrial purposes. We have access to repair divers to enable maritime valves to be repaired without dry-docking.


Our team of experts specializes in external overhauls of boilers and renewals of refractors. The team also specializes in repairing, overhauling, pressure testing and setup of boiler safety and water valves.


The rigging team specializes in moving all types of engine room machinery up to 50 tons, there are also mobile cranes on standby for items over 50 tons and up to 220 tons.


The scaffolding division can safely undertake any scaffolding work, erecting on ships, warehouses and buildings, for both commercial and private use. Scaffolding equipment can be hired or bought from us.


This division specializes in removing, fitting and repairing of hydraulic cylinders, motors and pumps and their pipe systems.


The pump division repairs, refurbishes and refits seawater, fuel, freshwater and boiler pumps. New pumps are supplied and fitted when needed.


Specializing with removing of any broken bolt, manufacturing special bolts and nuts, inspection and re-tight the bolts on main engine blocks and foundation, cranes bolts etc. using specialized hydraulic equipment giving a very high repeatability, with accuracy of +/- 3%.