Refrigeration and air-conditioning


We specialize in cold room, freezer room and Air-conditioning. We value the transportation of goods and preserving goods by keeping them in good condition, maintained temperature as per requirement is concerned.

We also offer Air-conditioning duties for commercial and industrial purposes. We maintaining temperatures of the cabinets Cold rooms, freezer rooms and confined spaces.

We offer Sales, Repairs, maintenance and Servicing.


Specializing in

  • changing compressors
  • oil changes
  • compressor efficiency testing and its working ability
  • re-gassing and managing
  • overhauls of Dun frost Scroll, Semo-omatic, hermetic compressors.


We do work on chill water plant systems, air cooled duct systems and normal air cooling systems. Our goal is to serve customers needs and create a good workmanship.

Refrigeration and air-conditioning has become a demand in society, simply because of the climate change, but we highly believe that with us you won’t feel affected.

Simply because we provide a benefit to commercial and industrial temperature control and with standing challenges against shipping and commercial problem.

We do complete servicing including:

  • absolute pressure testing of the unit
  • oil contamination checks
  • oil level check
  • change of oil should it necessary
  • repairing
  • component changes
  • Supplying of raw-materials in Refrigeration Mechanic trade.

Our service guarantee is negotiable and we supply highly only the best parts and component for any repair to enhance good working ability of the unit, upgrading the life span of your equipment.